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About Gold Price Direction



“I know that it’s a business you run however I believe that it’s also a very important service to the average investor who doesn’t have the information you provide. You folks do a great job to level the playing field and I really appreciate what you do for us all!  Thank you, LM”


How does this work?

Subscribers receive a weekly alert indicating a bullish or bearish signal in our proprietary one-of-a-kind gold timing algorithm.

We’ll also detail how to affect or maintain positions consistent with our signal.

No password to remember, no web site to log into and no complicated conspiracy or unproven economic theories to read; just a simple “bearish” or “bullish” signal and weekly updates so you know we remain in business and that you won’t miss a signal change.

No day-trading or use of options contracts or margin accounts is required to profit from our system.

To achieve our stellar results, we use positions that are highly liquid and easily traded through a typical online brokerage account anywhere in the world.

Some subscribers follow all our suggested trades – long or short – while others only add to their long-term holdings at the most opportune times.  A few purchase only short positions on bearish signals to hedge their existing gold or related holdings.

Here’s one great way to make use of our signals.  Let’s start with a chart that speaks volumes:

GPD GLD FCX ABX 2013 annotated full new 70pc

Many investors own shares in Freeport-McMoRan, Barrick Gold or Newmont Mining. During a downturn it may be impractical or prohibitively expensive to sell out of these positions or physical gold holdings, especially if you plan to later buy back in.

Too often investors are emotionally attached to their positions, or paralyzed by fear when markets are moving quickly.

Jewelers and mining executives sometimes need to mitigate market exposure.


How will you know when it’s best to sell, or when to “buy the dip”?


The solution is simple – based on our excellent timing model you can affect a single hedge position, which incurs only one trade commission and one possible tax event, while keeping your entire existing portfolio intact.

Those holding gold or related stocks through the period depicted in the chart above suffered enormous losses.  Meanwhile our suggested position rose 77% and was eventually closed for a 65% gain!

As indicated on the chart, we issued a bearish signal in December 2012 while the investment world was extremely bullish on gold bullion and precious metals stocks.

The investment world was totally wrong on gold over the following year, while we were quite correct.

Most important, while all other advisories remained incorrectly bullish buying every dip as gold and related stocks plunged lower, we remained bearish and very profitably short until what turned out to be the actual low.

In July we turned bullish while other advisories were issuing dire sell recommendations and most investors were dumping shares and bullion in a panic.  This proved to be a great time to cover shorts, buy back sold shares, or enter new positions.

An example why Gold Price Direction is a fantastic value and without peer even when gold goes higher:

GPD GLD FCX NEM annotated 70pc

In early January 2014, while the investment world was black-bearish on gold, we issued a bullish signal.  The charts depicted in the graphic above tell the rest of the story.

Despite overall stock markets moving essentially sideways and gold going higher, some of the most widely-held gold stocks plunged.  Meanwhile, even compared to gold’s rise our suggested position fared far better.

The charts above were made on February 23 2014.  Two weeks later the contrast was even more stark; FCX dropped a further 9%, while gold and the S&P500 were both up an additional 1.8%

Our position climbed an additional 9.6%  That’s +26% in two months added on top of the previous year’s massive gains.

Of course most investors are typically tardy, buying gold or stocks after our subscribers are already up big.  However it’s never too late to benefit from a GPD subscription.  The next big move in gold could be just as lucrative, and could begin at any time.  The so-called experts will probably miss it, just as they did in 2012 and 2013 and so many times since then.

The typical reader of this page lost a lot in gold or related investments over the past several years.  Further, they did not do nearly as well on the way up as they could’ve with the help of our proprietary timing signals and suggested positions.


Do you wish to continue to lose wealth? To be left behind?  If not …





Please contact us to discuss special rates for clients who wish to have a group of friends, colleagues or family members subscribe at a discounted group price.



We’ve identified the statistically best method for trading between signal changes to maximize results, which for those using options may be far beyond those shown on the Results page, and we share that with Premium Service subscribers.

In addition we provide commentary between signal changes, which will include advance warning when a change seems forthcoming. Premium service includes enhanced notification options for signal changes in our timing algorithm, and of course our 100% money-back guarantee.